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    'Cristina is an excellent composer. Not only is she able to perfectly suit my vision as a director, but she would bring several new ideas to the table every time. She is great to communicate with and she really understands how to deliver emotion through her music. She brought my film to a level unimaginable and I would definitely work with her again.'

Brayden Morin, Film Director. 

Brayden Morin's short film Retrospection premiered in Toronto Youth Film Festival in August 2022, achieving the festival Director's award.

 Retrospection Trailer

 'Cristina is a joy to work with. She takes a holistic view of her composition; exploring with the director the vision for a project, researching historical references and original sounds as well as interpreting storytelling themes in musical terms. She is methodical yet willing and able to change her work as needed for the success of the production as a whole. Highly recommended!'

Kate Valentine, director and former BBC producer.
Inspired by the history of the City of York’s coaching inns, INNovating is an immersive audio trail that evokes the sounds and stories of these places of hospitality for weary travellers, resting on their journey along the Great North Road.
Cristina, in collaboration with digital artist 
Balamurali Kumarasamy, has been selected as artist for the Syntropy app Digital Residency. 



Light among the rubble; the resilience of the human spirit when confronted with a challenging reality.

Cinematic, longing, desolate, hopeful.


Searching and connecting with light. The light inside us and the light beyond. A collection of calm, wondrous classical pieces. Hopeful, gentle, serene, tranquil.


Deep emotion, primarily portrayed by the elegant powers of orchestral strings. Cinematic, ominous, unsettled, longing and ethereal.


Soft transitional tracks, elegant and understated containing beautiful themes with inbuilt simplicity.

Cinematic, intimate, calm, evocative, 

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