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After a 20 year career as a multidisciplinary performer and teacher, the call to write music became too big to ignore. Following that call, Cristina took to learning recording and music production, the fundamentals of sound design (with Aiwan Obinyan), composing for film (with Simon Smith) and The Way of The Bard (spiritual creativity) with Peia Luzzi. 

She released her first album With You To The Threshold with a Sound Installation at The Friargate theatre in York (U.K.), in February 2020.

In May 2020, she released her second album Inner Music the Journey, in collaboration with composer and friend Ana Fontecha

In 2021 she started writing music for media and had the pleasure or working with Canadian film director Brayden Morin on the short film Retrospection (recipient of the Award of Recognition at Toronto Youth Short Festival). 

In 2022 she scored BFI short film by award winning director Susie Jones, The Rising of The Sap and BBC Producer Kate Valentine's audio drama INNovating; as well as working again with Brayden Morin on his film Not Meant To Be, for which she received a Nomination for Best Score in L.A's IndieX Film Fest in March 2023.

She is back to composing and recording her own music to be released later this year, and she continues her Suzuki Flute Teaching at The Flute Connection.

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